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1st October 2019

Why Should I train my dog?

Hello and welcome to Four Paws Dog Training..

If you’re reading this, are you thinking of getting a new puppy?

Or do you have a puppy between the age 12-20 weeks  old.? 

Do you have a dog between the ages of 5- 12 months old that needs some training.?

If the answer to either of these questions is  Yes then why not come and join us?.  

We run a Puppy Foundation & Socialisation Course, for puppies from 12 to 20 weeks old. This course is 6 weeks long and is £70.

We now run a Beginner course for dogs from the ages of 5-12 months old that have had NO training. Maybe you didn’t manage to enrol onto a Puppy Foundation course and now finding your dog needs that basic training. This course is here will help you.

This course is 5 weeks long and is £60.

We also run a Junior course for dogs from 5-12 months that have completed the Puppy or Beginner course, and now their owners wish to further their dogs training.

This course is 4 weeks long and costs £50.

The Puppy Foundation & Socialisation Course, is held on a Thursday evening from 6.30pm to 7.30pm and the  Beginner and Junior courses are also held on a Thursday evening from  7.30pm to 8.30pm.

For all details of what you will learn on our courses, then please take a look at our “Courses” page.

The classes are structured so you will learn something new every  week, and by  the  end of the course you  should  have a dog that is able to do the basic commands and more…..

But why should I train  my dog?….When you train your dog it is the beginning of a relationship. You communicate with other members of your family so why not your dog?. This is where training comes in.

How long will the training take.?…..Training is an on-going process  as all dogs learn at different speeds therefore there is no set time limit. If you attend  one of our courses, and practice at home, then you  should see a marked improvement.

At Four Paws we train only  with positive and reward based training methods , when we are teaching your dog to do a “Sit” we reward him/her for doing the Sit. As time goes by and your dog begins to know the commands you give them, then you will start to wean off the treats, but you must ALWAYS praise your dog.

Dogs are creatures of habit and if they have a good experience with something, then they are likely to repeat the behaviour…before you know it, your dog is sitting, staying, not jumping up, and  leaving  those things they shouldn’t be touching ,like your socks, slippers ,TV remote control, or your mobile phone! .

You can always keep updated with how our classes are going by   visiting us on our Facebook page.

If you are unable to attend a training course then we also do 1-2-1 Home Training.

All details can be found on the “Courses” page.

For all enquiries call Kathryn on 01257 450432 –  mob 07398 282898.

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